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Photography by Studio Pop


Trooper's on-the-job-training began when he was three months old, just hours after he left his parents and siblings to begin his life with Dr. Bedsole and Creative Psychology.  He aced his Puppy Classes and was quite a little "trooper," which is how he got his name.  He seems to sense how people are feeling and does everything he knows to help them feel better.  He senses when people want him in their laps and he senses when they don't.  He also seems to know when to be tender and loving, when to be "very relaxed" and quiet, and when to play or do something silly to make someone smile.  He does a great "high-five" which both children and adults appreciate.  He is a great communicator.  He's cuddly and sweet and he "connects" with people in a most remarkable way.

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